Maxine du Toit

Maxine du Toit graduated from the University of Cape Town at the end of 2019 after completing her Master’s degree training in Genetic Counselling. Unknowingly, her interest in the field started years before she even knew of its existence. From her teenage years onward, Maxine has always been drawn to the stories of people living with extraordinary conditions. She remembers a well-loved teacher’s daughter being born with Cystic Fibrosis and from there on she never stopped reading up on the stories of people faced with navigating a path they did not get to choose.

Maxine initially pursued a career in Counselling Psychology, but when she learnt about Genetic Counselling at the end of 2015, she immediately looked into steering her career-path into ultimately help people confronted with the uncertainties of living with a genetic condition.

As a mother herself, Maxine has a great love for working in the prenatal context. “I might to know what it feels like to have a family member living with a life-altering genetic condition, but I do know the feeling of being pregnant and the anxiety surrounding the idea of one’s baby being born with a birth defect.” Maxine therefore loves her role at Prenatal Screening – helping expectant parents decide on prenatal-genetic testing, assisting them with informed decision-making and helping them navigate the future in the context of what the potential genetic result could be.


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