Heidi Nolan

Heidi completed her National Diploma in Diagnostic Radiography in 2009, B-tech in Ultrasound in 2013, both at Cape Peninsula University of Technologies


She gained five (5) years experience in research obstetric ultrasound at the Safe Passage Study, University of Stellenbosch where they focused on the in-vitro neurodevelopment of fetuses as well as the impact of prenatal alcohol and cigarette exposure on adverse pregnancy outcomes such as stillbirth, SIDS and FAS. 


She then joined the private practice of Dr Lou Pistorius for three (3) years where she further broadened her ultrasound skills and knowledge to standards of a Level III ultrasound unit. In October 2018, she started her own practice.


To minimize exposure and adhere to COVID regulations, only the patient and spouse/partner will be allowed access to the practice. Your spouse/partner may not be replaced by any other person.

Please note that this may change last minute as protocols are dependent on the severity of the pandemic wave.