Maternal Medicine


These are available on request of your treating obstetrician, in selected high-risk patients with complex conditions.

Patients wanting to conceive but having multiple or complex medical conditions may find this valuable. This may include pre-existing chronic hypertension, diabetes mellitus, systemic lupus erythematosus, thyroid disease etc. Patients born with heart abnormalities or who had severe cardiac complications in previous pregnancies, are also welcomed to seek consultation. Patients using medication that are not advised in pregnancy will be helped to make changes to their regimes. And in some cases, reversible risk factors will be assessed and adjusted before pregnancy. Conception will be planned in the best possible time, to reduce complications for the mom and her planned baby.


To minimize exposure and adhere to COVID regulations, only the patient and spouse/partner will be allowed access to the practice. Your spouse/partner may not be replaced by any other person.

Please note that this may change last minute as protocols are dependent on the severity of the pandemic wave.