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Our services are integrated with your treating gynaecologist’s appointments. We provide the following:


First trimester risk assessment: (12-13 weeks). Establishing gestational age, screening for structural normality and chromosomal abnormalities (including Down Syndrome).  Pre-eclampsia screening are also included in this assessment.


Detailed ultrasound: (20-22 weeks). A meticulous and systematic review of the fetus’ development from head to toes, including all the organ systems like the heart, spine, kidneys etc.


Growth and Doppler Velocimetry: Assessing adequacy of fetal growth when there is a clinical indication.


Prenatal testing: Invasive / non-invasive testing is available for complicated clinical cases.


3D and 4D scanning: This will be included in your medical examination of your baby, but the screening mostly requires 2D scanning.


Gynaecological ultrasound:


Maternal Medicine Consultations: These are available on request of your treating obstetrician, in selected high-risk patients with complex conditions.



It is important that an accredited health care professional trained in the field of ultrasound in obstetrics and gynaecology (might it be a Sonographer, Sonologist, Gynaecologist or Fetal Medicine specialist) conduct the first trimester screening. Please confirm in advance on Fetal Medicine Foundation if the person is accredited.

All three providers are accredited with the Fetal Medicine Foundation for first trimester screening (including Down Syndrome and pre-eclampsia).